About Me

This is me.  🙂  I am a crazy homeschooling mom of 3 girls, one of whom is currently at UCF!  I am also a wife to one equally crazy husband.  I run, I educate, I cook, I sew, I complain.  Hey, I can’t always be nice!

I am a reformed couch potato, too.  No longer do I sit constantly, smoke, drink soda, and shove bad food in my mouth.  I quit smoking 6+ years ago, lost 50+ pounds, took up running, and went vegan.  Changes cannot happen unless you are willing to make them happen!  I am living proof of this.  I ran my first half marathon this year and plan on doing it again next year.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. How did you pull it all togehter? I recently started running.. I love it, am up to 4 miles… but cant seem to get any further. I also stopped eating meat and poultry. I never ate lamb or veal before and was never a big red meat eater anyway. I am still eating fish and eggs and dairy.
    any helpful hints??

    • Jennifer,

      Hi! It took me years to get to this point. If you go back through my blog (and hey, just think of the fun you could have with that – lol) you will see pictures of me that I put up. The ones I’m talking about are probably posted right when I ran the Princess Half in February. Those are my ‘before’ pics. Oh my. I was a couch sitting, cigarette smoking, diet coke drinking, bad food eating girl. And boy did it show!

      We made some dietary changes for many reasons. First we cut out all foods with dye in them. Then we cut out all dairy. Then we cut out all meat (last year at this time) and then by Christmas we just went vegan. Baby steps. 🙂 I’ve been running for a few years, but I’m still a slow, back of the pack runner. I’m hoping to work on that a bit as I train for the Princess Half again. Do 4.2 miles. Then 4.4. Then 4.6! Before you know it, you’ll hit 5 and you’ll be very excited. Baby steps, I tell you. Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, sometimes it’s just fun to jump in with both feet and not look back!

      Running is a great stress reducer. It keeps me fairly sane. Cutting out all animal products has been wonderful for our family. I feel much younger now than I did 10 years ago.

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