I’m sharing a PSA from my hubby today.

Got a dirty dishwasher?  Dishes coming out dirtier than when they went in?  Go get some oil. Yes, oil.  Cheap veggie oil, or whatever oil you might have on hand.  Well, don’t use motor oil.  😉

Pour 2 cups of your chosen oil in your empty dishwasher and then run a wash cycle.  No soap, no heated dry. Then, when that is done, take 2 cups of vinegar. No, this is not a salad recipe.  Take those 2 cups of vinegar and put it in the dishwasher.  Run the same wash cycle as before.  When that’s done, run a regular wash cycle with your usual detergent. 

When that is all done, open it up and stand back to marvel at how clean it is.  Then fill it up with all the dishes that have piled up in your sink while you were cleaning the dishwasher out. 


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