Mary–Master of all things…….

My baby graduated with her Master’s degree in social work this past week.  When referring to her, she is now Awesome Mary Clement, MSW.  Oooohhhhhh yeah!

I flew up to Chicago on Thursday for Friday’s graduation.  The girls stayed with my friend Noelle while Alex was working.  I hear they had a blast.  Smile  Thank you, Noelle!! 

Mary and I stayed downtown at the same hotel we stayed in last year.  If anyone is going to Chicago, I highly recommend the Hilton Garden Inn.  They rock!  There’s even a Starbucks in there and they have soymilk!

Friday morning we had to be there at 7:45.  Well, she had to be there at 7:45, I just followed along.  And froze.  OMG – it was cooooold!  So much for shorts and flip flops!

Here are some graduation photos.  I did not use my flash and realize that I probably should have.  Oy.




Will you look at that!  That’s my girl down there!  Red heartDSC_0026

Hey look, there she is….slightly blurred.DSC_0032


I know you can see her now!  She was easy for me to spot since she was the only one wearing a red sash.  Hmmm…..I had no clue why, though.DSC_0039






Cute – we were both taking pictures.DSC_0043


This graduation was much shorter than last years’; thank goodness!DSC_0044


I loved watching the interpreter, though I understood none of it!DSC_0046


Hi Awesome Mary!DSC_0048








I snuck down to get a few photos.  This is where I should have put on my flash.  Ugh.DSC_0065


She found me.  Winking smile  DSC_0067




Please don’t ask me to remember their names.  Sad smile  I am awful when it comes to names.  I’m so sorry.  DSC_0077


It was fun taking photos in the building (and the heat was an added bonus!).  DSC_0078


Aweome Mary Clement,  MSW.  That’s my girl. Open-mouthed smileDSC_0080

So, while we were taking photos in the social work building, Mary said she had a gift for me.  She took off the red sash that she was wearing and put it around my neck.  She had gotten it for me and wore it during her graduation.  Then she handed me a bag.

I can tell you that I cried like a baby.  A lot.  This gift means the world to me.  My children mean the world to me.  I take no credit for the awesomeness in Mary; that is all from her.  I’ve learned a lot in my 22 years as a parent.  I’ve failed miserably – a lot – and it took quite a while for me to learn my lessons, but I think I have.  This beautiful gift let me know that maybe I’ve learned a lesson or two.  DSC_0084


I am so thankful for my children and thrilled that I get to be their mom.  This is priceless and I will treasure it forever.  I love you 10, Mary.  Winking smile  DSC_0085


Stay tuned for the rest of my Chicago trip!


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