Kali is 10!!!!!

Margaritas for everyone!  Happy Cinco de Mayo……..my baby is 10!  Well, okay, it is technically “’seis de Mayo,” but you all know what I mean!

I cannot believe my baby is 10.  TEN!  She is my favorite 10 year old in the entire universe!

We had lots of fun yesterday. Smile  Of course I have lots of pictures to show you; why thank you for asking!


Good morning beautiful birthday girl!DSC_0002


Good morning beautiful birthday girl’s sister!DSC_0015


I wonder what’s in the bag!?DSC_0006

Daddy made vegan/gluten free french toast.  OMG.  Sooo very good!  I topped mine with some strawberries.  The girls did strawberries and blueberries.DSC_0020


She got an Ariel music box from Hannah.  Smile  Mary sent her a gift card for the movies!  Hmmm….I wonder what she’ll want to go see?!DSC_0028


I wanted to go take a nap with this pillow  Smile  She used the money she got from Grandma and Grandpa to buy a much-wanted digital camera.  She’s been wanting one for a few years now..DSC_0033


This is the cutest little light I have ever seen!DSC_0039


Kali said she wants an underwater themed bedroom, so Dory and Squirt came to hang out here.  SmileDSC_0046


Mine.  Mine.  Mine.  (Bonus points if you know what movie I’m talking about)DSC_0061


Kali said she had to go lay in a hammock.DSC_0062


So off to the Polynesian we went!DSC_0067


She could have stayed here all day!DSC_0069


I made sure she had a birthday button.  Smile  (though this may have started the spiraling down we experienced later on in the day.  Poor girl.  Too much going on at once and it’s just too much for her.)DSC_0081


Hannah was chillin’ out in a lounge chair.  Yes, she has a jacket on.  It was cold!DSC_0090


Building sand castles – Kali style.DSC_0092


This one is for you, Mary!! Winking smileDSC_0103


Checking out the glass artist in Downtown Disney.DSC_0106



I WANT THIS!!!!  I think it was ‘only’ $2,500.  Wish they would have had this in a smaller reprint.DSC_0119


Then we took a ride over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to see if any of the animals were out.  DSC_0123












This little one kept trying to reach the tree and was missing it by mere inches.  It was so funny to watch.  In the end she ended up getting a bunch of leaves.DSC_0159






My gorgeous birthday girl.  Think Disney would miss a chair???  DSC_0179


Who is this man?  I do not know him.  lolDSC_0184


Hannah famous red shoes.DSC_0187






I swear he was rocking those girls in the chairs.  Lol.  Divas.DSC_0208


We went in the store and the girls started playing tic-tac-toe.  Kali won.  Again.DSC_0209


Then off to Ethos for dinner!  MmmmmmmmmmDSC_0220


And then finally back at home for some birthday cheesecake!DSC_0233


Do you think she was excited about this?!DSC_0236



Happy 10th Birthday to my amazing Kali.  I am so very happy that I got to be your momma. ♥  I love you!


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