The Container Store

AKA – the store I have been waiting for since I moved down here 14 years ago!

Today was the blogger preview over at The Container Store in Orlando.  My friend Carolyn sent me the information about it, and after I emailed them, I was lucky enough to get in.  I was also able to bring the girls along with me, which was really cool.

I know I haven’t had a lot of pictures in my posts lately, so I am about to make up for that here!

I will tell you that I was giddy when I finally saw the store.  Like I said, I have been waiting 14 years for them to get to my neck of the woods!DSC_0007

We were some of the first people inside.  Smile  Better to be early, I always say!DSC_0012

Look at this organizational wonderland!  There are 5 aisles dedicated just to kitchen stuff.  It’s like Disney for your house!DSC_0010

After everyone got there, lunch was served.DSC_0017

While lunch was going on, Elaine told us all about the company’s history (this is their 60th store!).  I was really interested in how they decide who to hire and how much training they get!  Go ahead and guess how many hours of training they get in their first year….I’ll give you the answer at the end.DSC_0018

Then we started the store tour.  I feel some huge organizational projects being started (and completed) in the near future!DSC_0019

Yes, I’m sure right now you are thinking about all of the things you can do with just these few items, right?!  I know I am.  I see a closet shelf full of those awesome window boxes – they have drop-down fronts!DSC_0021

There is a hanger for every need or want.  Hannah is just happy they have red hangers.  SmileDSC_0024

How many things can you think to hang from one of these gorgeous butterflies?  DSC_0026

Tie Rack, schmie rack……one of these is going to come home with me soon and be part of my new running medal holder!DSC_0027

Most likely it will be the one right at the top of this photo.  DSC_0028

Every time I saw anything orange, I had to stop myself from yelling out “Go Gators!”  lol  DSC_0030

Bamboo everywhere!  Tonight they’re having a preview party, so they will be serving food by using Container Store items.  Too cool.DSC_0032



I love this desk set up.  I think the girls would love this for themselves, too!DSC_0036





The travel aisle was one of my favorites!  OMG.  Soo many things I want to go back there for!DSC_0045

I thought of my Awesome Mary instantly.DSC_0043

She is a Minnie addict and I know she’d love one of these.DSC_0044

I am definitely going to have to go back there ASAP.DSC_0042

Something else that may follow me home shortly.DSC_0047

For those of us that love paper goods……DSC_0048

This all looked like amazing stuff.DSC_0050

We were told that this was recently featured on Shark Tank.  These are all magnetic and you can stick them anywhere on the magnetic wall pieces.  I need to win the lottery now.DSC_0052

One of these by the front door would be cool!DSC_0054

I want this red garbage can.  Honey, do you see this?!?!?  I want this.  Winking smile  No, wait….I NEED this.DSC_0057

Got a gift that needs a box?  You have come to the right place!  Giftwrap, ribbons, whatever you need, it is here.DSC_0058

It might be fun to do the laundry after you shop here!DSC_0063

I can think of a million uses for one of these.  Or two.  Or three.DSC_0064

I love these pull out organizers.  I’m going to have to work a lot more to replace the money I could spend here!DSC_0067


I can not be trusted down this aisle.DSC_0070

And I most certainly cannot be trusted here.  They had me at ‘glass jars.’DSC_0072




Okay, if I thought I would have trouble in those other aisles…..that is nothing compared to these.DSC_0077

These aisles could very well do me in.DSC_0079

I have a huuuuuuuge weakness for all things lunch-box related.  I need a 12-step group.  Oh wait….no I don’t.  Then I’d have to admit that I have a problem, and I do not think that lunches packed in cool things constitutes a problem.  Carry on!DSC_0081

I think I drooled here.DSC_0082

Definitely lusted over these.DSC_0083

See.  I almost looked completed glazed over at this point!  Like a drunk woman in a liquor store.  Be still my heart.DSC_0084

We left with these awesome Container store sweater boxes filled with super-cool goodies. DSC_0091

Want to see what’s inside?DSC_0092


This was packed full of the coolest stuff!DSC_0095




The erasable food labels are freezer safe!  And that Eagle Creek mini cube will be coming up to Chicago with me soon.DSC_0101

We even got something to weigh our suitcases with!  Too cool.  Though I think I was more excited about the cable turtle.  I want more of those!DSC_0102

See….a sandwich container.  *sigh*DSC_0103

Those magnets are really cool!  So many uses for those little things.DSC_0104

That i-cloth is awesome!DSC_0106

Here’s a fun Container Store fact:  You can order online, drive over to the store, and they will bring your purchase out to your car for you!  No getting out of your car, no nothing.  Just show up and get your stuff.  Oh yeah!  Though if you want to go in, there is 24,000 square feet of organizational goodness just waiting for you inside!

The answer to “how many hours of training does a sales person get during their first year?”  263 hours.  Yes.  263.  These people know everything about their products!  Have a problem?  They will find a solution for you.

Here’s a group shot of everyone at the end of the tour.  I know you can see us back there!  container store group

Thank you, Container Store, for having this blogger preview.  It was really fun.  Even my girls had a great time (thanks for letting me bring them!)

If you’re in the Orlando area, or anywhere with a Container Store, hop in your car and go!  It’s a great store, with great people, and more than 10,000 products to organize your life with.

Especially that red garbage can.  Honey, remember that red garbage can!!!!  I NEED THAT!


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